3 measles cases in Crow Wing County bring Minnesota total to 54

Posted May 13, 2017

These cases are primarily in the Hennepin County and impact kids of the Minnesota-Somali community.

This outbreak and other infectious disease issues like multi-drug resistant TB and a rise in syphilis prompted Minnesota Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger asked the state Legislature for $5 million for an emergency fund.

Rather than trump offensive rhetoric about "Muslim Measles", maybe WND can reflect on their own anti-vaccine "reporting".

A huge burden for the taxpayer that could be prevented. He also has to point out that the disease can be deadly and that, in Somalia, there was no accurate data compiled about measles complications.

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Of the 51 cases in Minnesota, at least 10 have resulted in hospitalization. It is a highly contagious diseases, able to infect 90 percent of unimmunized people who are exposed to it, the agency says. We have not had cases, but we share a border and our communities are intertwined, and the measles will find the individuals who are unprotected.

She said the state and Hennepin County, which covers Minneapolis, had checked on 8,000 possible exposures to measles.

"We have gone zero days without having a new case", Stinchfield said.

The parents say, "I know measles, I have had it and my mom had it - better to have measles than autism", Ururshe told ABC News. "Whistleblower Claims Feds Hiding Vaccine-Autism Link", which quoted WND columnist Lee Hieb, an author of numerous anti-vaccine posts, saying that the vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is risky.

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A case of measles in Crow Wing County has grown to a cluster of four as members of the same family were infected, state officials said Friday.

The Minnesota Health Department shared that almost 47 people infected with measles were unvaccinated. They say a $5 million dollar fund will give Minnesotans security knowing health officials can respond quickly. We can not continue diverting funding and resources away from other vital public health services to respond to disease outbreaks and threats. Screening pregnant women and travelers for Zika virus, which can cause severe birth defects, also stretched his department.

State and local health departments have been complaining for years that their resources are stretched, even as they lay off more staff. "They can have blindness or deafness, and so we wouldn't vaccinate if this was just a rash or illness - this is a very serious disease", Stinchfield said.

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