School: Boy, 8, who killed himself never said he was bullied

Posted May 13, 2017

Gabe Taye was kicked and hit for more than five minutes while he lay unconscious on a bathroom floor at Carson Elementary School, Ohio on January 24, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Now, nearly four months later, a video has surfaced which an attorney says shows another student knocking Gabe unconscious in a bathroom at Carson Elementary School in West Price Hill.

"[Taye] ends up on the floor, unconscious, for seven-and-a-half minutes" before the assistant principal and school nurse come to his aid, Branch told local station WLWT.

Branch said Tate lost consciousness in the bathroom incident and that a school official told Tate's mom that her son fainted.

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The school district said in a statement Friday that "in an effort to be completely transparent, we are releasing the video that was reviewed as part of an investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department". Other students poked and touched Gabriel for as long as almost five minutes until a school official appeared to care for the boy, according to a Cincinnati Police Department detective's written account of what he saw on school surveillance video.

When Cornelia Reynolds asked her son what was wrong and what happened at school he said he didn't know.

"While we plan to answer some troubling questions about this case in particular by seeking input from school officials and law enforcement, we also want to take a closer look at what's being done statewide to keep our students safe and our parents informed".

"I guess he didn't know how to tell me stuff was happening", Reynolds said. System spokeswoman Janet Walsh said the video would be released "when it's ready", possibly later Thursday or Friday. Branch said she discovered the video through the police report, which describes the footage as "alarming" and "bullying".

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"I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault", if not for their ages, a police detective said, according to that report. The attorneys have questioned why the mother was told he fainted on January 24 when the video shows he had been injured by another boy at Carson Elementary School.

On Jan. 26, Gabe Taye killed himself. "Mom is called, and she's told that he fainted", said Branch. Taye's mother said threw up a few times that night, so she took him to the hospital where it was assumed he had the flu.

Despite their initial refusal, Cincinnati Public Schools announced that they will release the surveillance video possibly later today.

Gabe Taye lies knocked unconscious in this school surveillance video.

. Doctors said he had a stomach virus and sent him home.

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Lawyer Carla Leader described Gabe as a "happy-go-lucky kid" who had shown no signs of mental issues. Another child smacked the girl in the face and nothing was done about it, she said. Cincinnati lawyer Jennifer Branch, representing the boy's mother, fired back Thursday at that statement that the school nurse urged the mother to take the child to the hospital. "That's why this is so frustrating for her, not knowing what really happened in that school". When Reynolds asked him what happened at school the day he was knocked unconscious, he said he didn't know, her attorneys said.