Google Announces 360-degree Video at Home

Posted May 20, 2017

This should give things a more personable and immersive feel and make it feel less like a virtual interaction between friends, though it should be quite obvious that it will still be noticeable that experiences are happening in virtual reality. To support this, Google will be adding a 2D panel that will pop up within the virtual environment to bring Android accessibility.

Yesterday, the company stepped things up by introducing World Sense that will use Google Tango's 3D mapping capabilities to enable users to move naturally in VR without the need for additional sensors.

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All the new features are coming later this year. Watching a 360 video with your friends should allow for ample discussion of the content has displayed around you. The feature, which is similar to Oculus Rooms for Gear VR, will allow small groups to virtually come together, watch videos and talk via voice chat.

According to Google users will be able to enter into a shared room for a specific 360-degree video and their personas will be represented by the likes of 3-dimensional avatars.

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There's also a VR version of the Chrome browser coming with Eupherates.

Will standalone VR headsets running on the Daydream platform encourage greater adoption of VR? The company didn't detail whether this would be random users so we'll have to see how much auditory spam there's going to be. Seurat, which is named after a French painter, will let developers render high-fidelity scenes on mobile VR headsets in real time.

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