Trump welcomes Colombia's president to the White House

Posted May 20, 2017

In a news conference with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Trump was asked if he ever asked the then FBI director James Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

At the White House press conference, President Santos was asked by a reporter whether he supported a wall between the USA and Mexico as a strategy to stop the flow of drugs.

Last year, President Obama and President Santos announced Peace Colombia, a plan to provide USA funding for the post-conflict era in Colombia once a widely-anticipated peace deal was signed. We declared the war on drugs 40 years ago. I'm very proud of it.

There was confusion during the day surrounding Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser who has emerged as a central figure because of his own ties to Russian Federation, which led to his dismissal early on in the Trump administration. "It is a world problem and we have to all work together".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 18, 2017, for a closed-door meeting with Senators a day after appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller to oversee the investig.

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Trump spoke on Thursday at the White House as the Justice Department official who appointed a special counsel to independently lead a Trump-Russia investigation briefed the entire Senate in private at the Capitol. "Believe me, there's no collusion", he said.

The decision, announced late on Wednesday, was made after the right-wing Democratic Center party, which opposes the peace accord with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas, sued over parts of a broad peace law already approved by Congress.

The agreement earned Santos the Nobel Peace Prize past year.

The agreement, however, is highly controversial. "The United States and Colombia are, today, more than ever, a support for each other, our alliance has been strengthened", said Santos. Opponents felt Santos had gone too far and given up too much to the rebel group that that was responsible for the deaths of thousands and displacement of millions.

"For a long time our nations have had a strategic alliance", Santos said.

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Colombia was responsible for making 710 metric tons of cocaine previous year, compared to only 235 tons in 2013. And tens of thousands of families joined a program where they are going to substitute legal crops for coca. Santos received the Nobel Peace Price in 2016 for his pursuit of peace between the government and FARC. "Before, the conflict did not allow us to build roads and to give these peasants an alternative".

She asked, "How did he spell witch hunt?" a reference to Trump's frequent misspellings on Twitter. In January, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declined to voice his support for the peace process. His visit focused on securing support for continued US aid to Colombia and championing his peace deal with the FARC rebels.

Committee leaders said on Friday he would appear sometime after the U.S. Memorial Day holiday on May 29.

A State Department study released in March estimated coca crops at 470,000 acres previous year, 50% more plantings than estimated in 1999, before the United States began dispersing aid under Plan Colombia.

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