North Korea Says Ready to Deploy, Mass-produce New Missile

Posted May 25, 2017

The test provided more "meaningful data" regarding North Korea's missile program, according to South Korea's military.

North Korea on Thursday accused South Korea of firing 450 machine gun rounds at a flock of birds earlier this week, dismissing as a fabrication Seoul's claim that it had fired warning shots because of an object flying across their border.

Command Cmdr. David Benham said an assessment of the tests revealed the launches did not pose a threat to North America, but he emphasized that US officials were closely monitoring the tests and pledged "ironclad commitment" to allies in the region.

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He further explained that Moon Jae-in's government shows readiness to squarely face problems that hinder China-South Korea relations, rather than keep away from them; to understand China's concerns in protecting its legitimate interests; and to make active efforts to solve the issue concerning the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system.

"Viewing the images of the Earth being sent real-time from the camera mounted on the ballistic missile, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said it feels grand to look at the Earth from the rocket we launched and the entire world looks so attractive", according to the North Korean news agency. It says the programme is necessary to counter USA aggression.

The United States and South Korea have said the deployment is aimed purely at defending against any threat from North Korea, which experts have thought for months is preparing for what would be its sixth nuclear test in total.

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North Korea said that launch tested the capability to carry a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead" and put the United States mainland within "sighting range". It was North Korea's second missile test in a week. It called the missile an "answer" to U.S. President Donald Trump's policies.

In April, Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea not to test the resolve of President Donald Trump and the strength of the USA military. Many more weapons capable of striking the US will be launched from this land.

It stressed the importance of North Korea "immediately showing honest commitment to denuclearisation through concrete action".

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At the request of diplomats from the U.S., Japan and South Korea, urgent United Nations' Security Council consultations on the missile test are to take place Tuesday.