Computex 2017: Asus launched Blue Cave antenna-less Wi-Fi router

Posted May 31, 2017

The new router, called Blue Cave, has already won the "Best Choice Golden Award" at Computex 2017.

Speaking to Mashable on the showfloor of the Computex technology show, an Asus spokesman explained that the antennas of the device are built into the roof, so you'll no longer have those ugly rods sticking out of your router. According to Asus, the hole serves as insulation between the route's internal antennas, which are on top part of the unit, and its latest Intel Wi-Fi chipset, which is on the bottom.

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As for Wi-Fi specs, Asus says the Blue Cave is a AC2600-class router, which places it between RT-AC87U and the RT-AC88U.

Asus' Blue Cave is an antenna-less Wi-Fi router with an eye-catching design. So, we can declare this newly launched router as "Antenna-less". Instead, there is a hole in the middle which Asus likes to call a "central aperture" that directs the signal.

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ASUS claims that its new router can provide 4K streaming to multiple devices without any lag. The company has increased the capacity of the number of devices that simultaneously connected to the Blue Cave significantly to match with the increasing number of connected devices. The router also supports IFTTT to integrate with IFTTT-enabled digital devices and other tasks to be done automatically.

AiProtection, the commercial grade security for routers is what is offered in the Blue Cave. The solution apparently ensures that IoT and smart devices in the network are protected from hack attacks.

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Just like many new AC2600 routers the Blue Cave has its own smartphone app that lets your monitor and control your network without having to log into your computer. The price information is not yet confirmed by Asus, but as per a report from Engadget, it is said to bear a price tag of Rs. 11,617.