Police dashcam video shows Tiger Woods' sobriety test and arrest

Posted June 02, 2017

The police then search Woods, who has his eyes closed, for any weapons.

It also cost Woods a number of endorsement deals, while other sponsors shifted away from using him in marketing but did not end their contracts with him.

"What are we doing?" he asked.

The video, which includes clear dialogue of the conversation between Woods and the officers who found him, shows the legendary golfer having a tough time figuring out where he is or what is going on.

Woods was discovered by police asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes on the side of a six lane road.

The vehicle, worth $310,000, had two gashed and flat tyres.

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"Right now, I think that you probably shouldn't be driving, OK?" the officer tells Woods.

"Where are you coming from right now?" the officer said.

David S. Weinstein, a former federal and state prosecutor, said the key to prosecuting Woods would be establishing the presence of Vicodin.

Later Woods tells another officer he is in Los Angeles and was heading to Orange County.

Woods also is asked to say the alphabet from A to Z in a slow non-rhythmic manner.

Both tires on the driver's side of Woods's Mercedes were flat at the time of his arrest, and there was damage to the front and rear bumpers. He was by himself and wearing his seat belt. Arrested as a suspected drunken driver, the golf legend blew a.000 on two Breathalyzer tests and later blamed the incident on an unexpected reaction to prescription medication. Woods later said his condition was caused by prescription medications.

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"Whether this is just a misunderstanding. or if he had some medication problems, a mixture of some - I really don't know", Stricker said. The embarrassing footage was released three days after Woods' arrest in Florida.

Woods is to be arraigned July 5 in Palm Beach County court on the DUI charge.

He apologised to his family, friends and fans, adding he would "do everything" in his power "to ensure this never happens again".

Woods has won 14 major tournaments, second only to Jack Nicklaus.

The 41-year-old was booked into jail at 7.18am and then released at 10.50am. He has expressed a desire to continue to play professionally despite his recent history of injuries.

Woods underwent surgery on his back for the fourth time on 20 April and last week claimed he had "not felt this good in years".

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"They have to be very measured in terms of their response to their relation with him", said David Carter, professor of sports business at the University of Southern California's Marshal School of Business.