President Trump's typo 'covfefe' stumps spelling bee champ

Posted June 04, 2017

This year's victor is Ananya Vinay, a sixth grader from Fresno, California. "Do you know the word 'covfefe?'" she asked a seemingly puzzled Vinay.

Ananya's victory underscores the overwhelming dominance of Indian-Americans in the annual intense competition.

Vinay, 12, correctly spelled the word marocain, a dress fabric made of warp of silk or rayon and a filling of other yarns, to win the spelling bee held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in suburban Washington.

2017 marked the 90th year of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

She expressed her appreciation to all Ghanaians who supported Lily to win, the team at YEF who worked tirelessly to ensure that Lily would make it to the finals and also to all the sponsors who made the participation possible.

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She will take home more than $40,000 in cash and prizes.

Competitors age 6 to 15 emerged from early spelling bees involving more than 11 million youths from all 50 USA states, US territories from Puerto Rico to Guam, and several countries, from Jamaica to Japan.

Trump initially tweeted the made-up word Tuesday, appearing to attempt to spell "coverage" in another attack of the media.

"After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I've come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled", the Minnesota Democrat said Thursday, a day after he had said she was still welcome.

Just 15 spellers were still standing for Thursday night's final competition.

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Fun fact is that this is the consecutive 13th year that Indian kids are rocking out there.

Ananya clinched the championship by correctly spelling the word "marocain".

Ananya pushed further, asking, "Language of origin?"

The National Bee is a high-profile, high-pressure endurance test as much as a nerd spelling match and spellers spend months preparing for it.

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