Apple announces macOS High Sierra

Posted June 06, 2017

But where the changes to iOS are largely behind the scenes, you'll really get it see it in action in the new macOS. Following that announcement, the next major announcement was that of the next version of the macOS - we had been waiting for this for a long time and it is finally here!

The next Mac version will be called High Sierra, suggesting that it's a refinement of the current version, Sierra. It should provide better performance, security, and data reliability.

Photos Upgrades includes better face recognition that syncs across devices.

The new Photos app in High Sierra features new pro-level editing tools.

Editing has had a bump too, with new options to fine-tune colour and contrast levels in any image.

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Search in the Mail app will be faster and feature a Top Hits area in the results that will attempt to display the "most relevant" results.

Earlier today, Apple's Craig Federighi took to the stage at its WWDC 2017 annual developer conference to talk about some new additions to MacOS. The free update will ship this fall, and is compatible with all systems that support Sierra.

All New - HomePod: Also available later this year is HomePod, a product Apple hopes will "reinvent home music".

To combat some of the internet's more frustrating tendencies, Safari received support for "intelligent tracking prevention", preventing online advertisers from tracking your viewing history and serving you ads. Instead of introducing major new user-facing features, the company instead opted to focus on behind-the-scenes tweaks and upgrades. Apple says that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality experiences.

Video has evolved from H.264 to keep up with the spread of 4K HDR video, so Apple now supports H.265 codecs for maximum quality in playback. As well as graphics, machine learning will be powered by Metal. This, if it happens will be a big news in the tech world.

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Metal 2 will let developers create even more powerful games and apps.

This will also feature improved support for virtual reality.

Not only will Metal 2 offer support for eGPU setups, but Apple will be offering its own Thunderbolt 3 external graphics kit for developers, which will include an AMD RX 580. "You know, Mac, sometimes I feel like I don't know what it's all about anymore".

There's no firm date on when AppleTV users can stream The Man In The High Castle to their dystopic hearts' content; Apple CEO Tim Cook said only that it will happen "later this year". You can add properly formatted tables to Notes and pin your most important ones. Surveys consistently show people object to autoplay and pop-up ads the most. And when you're in a FaceTime call, you'll be able to easily turn a special moment into a Live Photo so you can remember it forever.

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