Strawberry Moon Is Coming, What Exactly Does That Mean?

Posted June 09, 2017

But as it turns out, this year's Strawberry Moon is unique because it's also what astronomers call a "minimoon", appearing slightly smaller than normal full moons.

On June 9, when the strawberry minimoon reaches its fullest phase, stargazers based in continental United States can view the Earth's satellite from below the horizon. This is also this month's full moon peak. However, In Hawaii and some parts of Alaska, early risers have the ideal opportunity to catch the moon at its fullest phase.

Clouds will be on the increase Thursday night with rain in the forecast for parts of southern New England after midnight.

Are Strawberry Moons red or pink in color?

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Residents of Qatar and the Arab region can see the "Pygmy full moon" with naked eye after it rises over the Doha sky at 6:16pm.

STRAWBERRY MOON. The strawberry harvest is ongoing in many areas during June. It is just a traditional name given to the full moon after predominant characteristics of the month.

When a scientist refers to a minimoon, they mean a moon which is at or nearing its apogee.

That farthest point in the moon's orbit is called "apogee". The minimoon phenomenon is exactly the opposite of what happens during a supermoon.

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Around the world, the Strawberry Moon goes by many names: the Rose Moon in Europe, Strong Sun Moon in folkloric traditions, and, of Native American origin, the Cherokees' Green Corn Moon and the Tlingit's Birth Moon. The moon's orbit around Earth is not shaped as a flawless circle. While the differences between the two can not be measured with the naked eye, minimoons are 14 percent smaller than supermoons.

For comparison, the moon is usually situated some 240,000 miles away from Earth.

The June minimoon was bestowed the name Rose Moon by European colonists. Overall, it should be a good night for a Strawberry Moon watch party!

It's been called the "mini-moon" and the "micro-moon" according to EarthSky.

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