Marriott CEO urges Trump to improve ties with Cuba

Posted June 16, 2017

The new Trump policy will require greater documentation.

Though they do not go as far as some feared, the Trump policy changes laid out in the Miami Herald and Politico on Thursday take a harsher stance than the relative rapprochement in recent years and could dramatically affect US business on the island.

On Wednesday, Cuba said it plans to hold municipal elections in October, a precursor to the handover of power from President Raul Castro in 2018. "I think, if he takes things back, whatever was in place before it didn't work, it didn't work".

While there hasn't been much progress, both governments have already been negotiating on thorny issues like human rights, fugitives and repatriations for Americans who had their property seized after the revolution.

The new policy has come together after contentious meetings within the administration.

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Detailing a new National Security Presidential Memorandum, Trump is also expected to announce stricter enforcement of rules under which Americans can travel to Cuba.

Cuban-American GOP lawmakers, Sen.

"We want the relationship very much to be one in which we encourage people through economic interaction and that process has hopefully been started", an official told reporters Thursday.

The stated goal of the new policy is to cut down on human rights abuses.

"Our policy is to focus effort on assisting the Cuban people, not enriching the Cuban military", one top adviser said, an implicit charge that the Obama administration did just that. Imposing new, targeted economic restrictions could create more leverage to pressure the Castro regime to relax its oppressive behavior, as well as limit the ability of the regime's most undesirable elements to fill their coffers.

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"This is not directed against the Cuban people, but the Cuban regime", the statement read.

The Cuban military has been expanding its reach into the tourist industry, with its holding company, the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (GAESA), owning the best hotels and most retail outlets, rental auto companies and import entities. This could have a cooling effect on travel as it adds a potential layer of inconvenience to travelers.

In the final years of his term in office, former US President Barack Obama initiated a diplomatic breakthrough with the former Cold War foe, which included the restoration of relations and the reopening of embassies. This is the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited Cuba in 88 years.

The new approach aims to tighten several of the travel and commercial policies that President Obama loosened over the last two years with the goal of curbing the flow of USA cash to the Cuban government, especially its military.

"Trump doesn't care about human rights anywhere". Travelers returning from Cuba may not be able to bring unlimited amounts of rum and cigars for personal consumption, as they could since the final months of the Obama administration. It argues that the government carries out human rights abuses, though many policy experts believe the new regulations will not improve human rights in Cuba.

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Trump's approach instead will likely concentrate on restricting travel and trade with the island. Marco Rubio are expected to join Trump on Friday. The son of Cuban immigrants, Mr Rubio has played a key part in...