Meier hopes Rauner leadership will bring budget compromise

Posted June 23, 2017

The stalemate started in 2015 when Rauner — Illinois' first GOP governor in over a decade — took office.

The next court status hearing for the Medicaid cases is scheduled for June 28, just days before the July 1 start of Illinois' new fiscal year. Republicans said they weren't doing anything Democrats haven't also done for years.

Madigan said House Democrats are working behind the scenes on a proposal, but he provided no details. The state's fiscal year ends June 30th. One shelter that helps domestic abuse victims in several southern IL counties — some of the poorest in the state — says it'll close without an infusion of funds.

The Republican package revealed last week includes many elements of the Senate Democrats' plan but with some changes. I've said that for two-and-a-half years. The House will also hold a Committee of the Whole on Friday on the topic, which Republicans dismissed as a waste of time and more political theater that distracts from efforts to strike an agreement.

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Rauner says he wants pro-business reforms in conjunction with a budget.

The Civic Federation's Laurence Msall says he wants budget specifics from the governor.

The state legislature passed the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act (SB 0001) in the Senate and House on May 31. Approval will require a three-fifths majority in the House, or 71 votes, during the special session. "Bruce Rauner purposefully drove the state off the rails, leading to nation's longest budget impasse in history, skyrocketing debt, a crippling blow to our higher education system, and a ruined social safety net". "One week ago, a group of lawmakers standing before you put forth a compromise budget plan with reforms that puts us on a clear path to finishing our job".

"We're still talking to the state", said Tom Yates, executive director of Legal Council for Health Justice, who is representing the state's 3 million Medicaid recipients. The Senate, which also convened Wednesday, will also meet privately. We seek to achieve a greater good, to create a better life for our children and grandchildren here in IL.

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Senator Don Harmon said Rauner's speech was more of the same.

As a result, the state has amassed an unpaid bill pile topping $15 billion, while payments mandated by state law for expenses such as debt service on bonds and pensions were made in full.

"Tonight, Bruce Rauner tried to reset his failing tenure as Governor of IL by offering nothing new in terms of policy or message". If they fail to do so, Illinois' credit rating will be downgraded to junk bond status, IDOT will cease all road construction projects, IL will be dropped from the Multi-State Lottery Association, and schools risk closing, among many other things.

"I think if he is serious about passing a budget he would not be running television commercials, spending millions of dollars attacking people on the other side of the negotiating table".

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"We're asking the General Assembly to do what those who came before us did that changed the course of history: have the courage to dare to do what is right, to act for the people." he said. Failure, he said, is not an option.