Chants against Saudi Arabia as Iran marks Jerusalem Day

Posted June 24, 2017

At a 2016 Al-Quds Day event in Tehran, General Hossein Salami, deputy chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, boasted that "in Lebanon alone over 100,000 missiles are ready at all times to the heart of the Zionist regime".

Top Guards' commanders have repeatedly said that Israel is within range of Iran's missiles.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that the country will not back down from pursuing its missile program.

International Quds Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday of Ramadan, as declared by the leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

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Meanwhile, the people of Iran, in large groups of tens of thousands started rallies in the morning, carrying placards and chanting slogans against Israel. Qadr missile can hit targets within a range of 2,000 km. Iran sees it as an occasion to express support for the Palestinians and emphasize the importance of Jerusalem for Muslims.

The IRGC has also touched upon the strategy of returning the Palestinians to the land of Quds and holding free elections to determine the destiny of Palestinians as the only successful solution which is supported by the Muslim Ummah to resolve the Palestinian issue.

Earlier this month, Palestinians marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War, which saw Israel occupy the West Bank, East Jerusalem al-Quds, the Gaza Strip and part of Syria's Golan Heights.

The statement urged unity among Palestinian political groups against Israel and called on the global and regional institutions to prevent Israel from implementing racist policies in the occupied territories.

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The rare protest on Friday came one month after a mob attacked Rouhani's auto when he visited a mine in northern Iran where 43 miners had been killed in an accident.

The IMN in a statement by its spokesperson, Ibrahim Musa, called "on all people of conscience to join in commemorating this annual event by lending a voice to the oppressed people of Palestine, while condemning the Israeli atrocities on them". "The Saudi Arabian regime is not Muslim - they are allies of Israel".

Meanwhile, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan slammed Israel for "inciting insecurity in Muslim countries and elsewhere", the Tasnim reported.

"Insulting the president on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day is an unbefitting response by the extremists to the nation's choice", tweeted Zahra Ahmadipour, vice president for cultural heritage and tourism.

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