Google Uses Artificial Intelligence To Search Job Listings

Posted June 24, 2017

Beginning Tuesday, job hunters will be able to go to the search engine and see help-wanted listings that its search engine collects across the internet. You'll see a pretty extensive list of job openings in or near your home.

A job search site that has just rolled out in the United States could change the way online job seekers work. This search will also include job listings posted on the websites of individual companies. Now there's a new player in job searching: Google.

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Right now with all the information available about this project there are quite a few advantages that make this initiative a potential success for the search giant. This new feature allows everyone to search for new jobs on practically every major online job board. Additionally, the results contain Glassdoor and Indeed ratings for companies. The company said it's also publishing open documentation on the feature for all job providers so that other third-party platforms or employer Web sites can ensure sure that Google discovers their open positions. After you find a job that you want to apply for, Google will then redirect you to the job site to start the actual application process. After clicking on it, they will be redirected to the job site. The AI filters out all duplicate listings posted on various job sites.

While we can hope for the aforementioned shortfalls to soon be eliminated, one thing is for sure that with this new detailed job hunting information platform users will become even more dependent on Google than they already are. All you need to do is type "jobs near me" or a similar query into the search bar and the new job search widget will pop up that will show you the range of jobs meeting your query.

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Each job listing includes links to where the job was initially posted such as on CareerBuilder, Zip Recruiter or the company's website.

"We've been thrilled to hear from people and business owners alike that Facebook has helped take the work out of their search", he told TechNewsworld, and "we think this partnership with Google will make everyone's search that much easier". This was basically based on Google's own "Applicant Tracking System' (ATS), which was converted into a portal for employers".

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