Bernie Sanders attends health care rally at convention center

Posted June 26, 2017

Pittsburgh was at the center of the health care debate Saturday evening as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tried to use his platform to turn opinion against the Republican health care bill.

Investigators are looking into allegations that Jane Sanders falsified information on loan documents in order to expand the campus of Burlington College while she served as president of the liberal arts school.

As it turns out, Sanders' wife, who is the former president of Burlington College in Vermont, might have violated federal law during her time at the school.

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Politico first reported Thursday that Sanders has retained a lawyer amidst the news that the FBI was investigating the bank fraud case. Sanders' office inappropriately urged the bank to approve the loan. Sanders has reportedly hired Burlington attorney Rich Cassidy, and high-profile Washington defense attorney Larry Robbins is representing his wife, according to CBS News.

Sanders dubbed the bill "the most anti-working class legislation" he'd ever seen, a cruel twist given Donald Trump's populist rhetoric on the campaign trail. Politico noted Toensing's response, which was that the investigation was started in 2016 under then-President Obama, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and his U.S. Attorney, "all of which are Democrats".

"At the end of fiscal year 2011 (six months after closing on the loan), Ms. Sanders had collected only $279,000 in donations, which was less than 25 percent of the $1.2 million Ms. Sanders guaranteed to the bank that she would have collected in that year", he wrote. A copy of his request to the U.S. Attorney in Vermont claims that Sanders guaranteed $2.6 million to the bank, though she only collected just over $676,000 in contributions and donations.

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"My only hope is for a fair, impartial, and thorough investigation", Toensing added.

Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, a CNN political commentator, said Trump should move on from the election and address concerns over threats to the nation's elections. "Let me leave it at that because at this point it would be improper for me to say any more".

Midura followed up: "You've previously said it was nonsense".

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However, Sanders's top adviser Jeff Weaver alleges the claims against the senator are politically-motivated, baseless, and false.