Police rescue dogs from sweltering auto

Posted July 09, 2017

Two small dogs are lucky to be alive after officers rescued them from a parked vehicle that had reached 167 degrees after their owner left them while she was in a movie theater, according to the Roswell Police Facebook page. Roswell Police urge everyone seeing pets trapped inside of a hot vehicle, call 911 so that a tragedy could be avoided.

That's about all Channel 2's Nicole Carr knows now of the dogs' current condition, two days after Roswell police came to their rescue.

Photos of the now recovered one-year-old dog, have been released in an effort to find a new family to take him on, asking interested parties to contact their local police.

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Although the auto windows were cracked... the temperature in the front seat was a whopping 167-degrees.

Both of the animals were later transported to an emergency animal hospital where they were treated and discharged "in good health". She's due in court next month on two counts of animal cruelty, which is a fine of $1,000 or up to six months in jail. They asked the public to call 911 if they see an animal trapped inside a hot vehicle to prevent future tragedies. The department released bodycam video of the rescue.

The windows of the vehicle were cracked, but police say it's not enough to protect animals and humans from extreme temperatures that can form inside vehicles on a hot day. Parked on the hot black asphalt there was a black auto with two dogs locked inside.

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"The windows were actually cracked. You can see in the video that the dog was clearly in distress", said Officer Holland.

According to a report from WXIA, fire crews arrived to provide urgent medical care to the dogs.

The owner, Shaquanda Cole, wasn't taken into custody because she lives three hours away.

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