Atari's New Console "Ataribox" Revealed

Posted July 18, 2017

That confirms our suspicions last month, when Atari announced the idea, that the company is trying to gauge demand before it commits to hiring a hardware team to turn the concept into reality.

Atari finally showcased the Ataribox's actual design and shared a few details regarding what the console actually does.

Atari claims that this console will stay true to its heritage while also appealing to both old and new Atari fans. In turn, consumers around the world surprised Nintendo by purchasing the retro console at an unexpected rate, forcing the company to produce more consoles than it had planned to build. We'll be giving you lots more information and status updates as we progress, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride! Atari didn't give any more details and said more info on specs, games, features, price, and release date would come later.


Following the roaring success of the NES Classic, it's no surprise that Atari wants to get on board the nostalgia train with a mini console of its own.

The Ataribox is inpsired by classic Atari design elements and will be released in two editions: wood and black/red.

Additionally, Atari has unveiled two cosmetically different, but equally sleek, versions of the machine-one with a fetchingly retro red and black veneer, and the other with an even more fetching, even more retro wooden frontage.

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For now, though, that's about all we know. Whether their "current gaming content" is porting their mobile business over or getting third parties committed to porting existing or upcoming games over remains to be seen, but Atari's definitely looking to make a comeback.

We got our first glimpses of the Ataribox back in mid-June.

If Atari does indeed revive its old-school library of games, the Ataribox will join a growing trend in throwback video game systems.

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So far though there's no indication of how powerful the console is or what kind of games it'll run.

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