'Terrorist Attack' on Venezuelan Military Base Under Control

Posted August 07, 2017

A television channel, a bank, an auto-assembly plant and a construction group - these are some of the businesses controlled by the Venezuelan military, joining the Military Mining, Gas and Petroleum Company known as Camimpeg.

Security forces forcibly entered Ledezma's apartment before dawn Tuesday and took him to a military prison.

Worldwide pressure against Venezuela's election has been increasing as the United States, Mexico and Colombia said they're freezing assets and imposing other restrictions on certain current and former Venezuelan government officials.

Even the Holy See reiterated its concern about the deepening of the crisis in Venezuela and asked the Latin American country's government to suspend the start of the National Constituent Assembly works.

Venezuela has been rocked by a wave of anti-government protests in the past several months that have left more than 100 people dead.

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The news of the attack came shortly after a video was released on social media, showing a group of men in military uniform.

Backing opposition allegations of fraud, Smartmatic, a British-based company involved in the vote technology behind the election last Sunday, said the official turnout figure had been tampered with and exaggerated by at least a million voters. The United States and the European Union called the vote "illegal".

"Each step by the Constituent Assembly is a step towards the precipice by this government", the leader of the opposition parliament, Julio Borges, told a news conference in Caracas on Sunday.

Another sign of this tension: gathered Saturday in Sao Paulo, the ministers of foreign Affairs of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay chose to suspend Venezuela's Mercosur, the south american common market, "rupture of the democratic order". "This is a civic and military action to restore constitutional order".

Maduro responded by calling Mercosur's move part of a dirty campaign led by the Trump administration to discredit Venezuela and get its hands on its vast oil reserves.

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But the military leadership continues to publicly profess loyalty to the president and his government.

Maduro's new "constituent assembly" removed the chief prosecutor from her post over the weekend and ordered her to stand trial, confirming opposition fears that it would use its powers to root out critics of the government.

A leading member of the Venezuelan government says arrests have been made after soldiers apparently tried to launch an uprising against President Maduro.

"Venezuela is a divided country, it is a polarized country, and it will require a lot of vision and a lot of global support to sit down and have a dialogue that can find a solution", said Socorro.

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