1080p 60 FPS Streaming Coming to PS4 Pro in 5.0 Firmware Update

Posted August 10, 2017

Eurogamer obtained a copy of the update's release notes and revealed some of the changes which will include changes to the console's account system and improved Twitch streaming on PlayStation 4 Pro.

As for sub/child accounts, 5.0 will allow new family accounts to feature multiple adult accounts in a family, and set parental controls on an account basis.

Twitch Streaming will now run at 1080p 60fps for those running the 5.0 beta update on PS4 Pro.

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The ability to follow users will be much like the system on Xbox One, according to Eurogamer. Now you can do this just for verified accounts of note, such as the official accounts for games, and some individual developers and YouTubers. Sony is changing things around in order to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions", said Eurogamer.

For developers, the change is to "boost the viral potential of UGC".

Players will have the ability to block users, as well as the option to choose whether or not they want anyone or just existing friends to be able to follow their account. There will be settings to prevent non-friends from following you, and users can be blocked as well.

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More options will be made available for those with sub or family accounts. To help manage family accounts, there will be a new PC/smartphone web app. In the context of Sony's comments around keeping Minecraft and other cross-network games safe for children, it is interesting to see the company focus on this in its next system update.

Once 5.0 drops, system notifications can be viewed from the Quick Menu without the need to go back to the Home screen. Download/upload statuses can also be checked here too.

The update is also going to include several minor changes such as support for additional languages and more.

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Expect 5.00 sometime in the near future alongside an overhauled PlayStation App that isn't quite as useless as it now is.