Wonder Woman Epilogue Included With Blu-Ray Version

Posted August 13, 2017

As one of millions who have been introduced (or reintroduced) to Wonder Woman as a contemporary cultural icon, I have been surprised by my own hunger for her story, and by the extent to which this hunger is evidently shared around the world, by women and girls, and also men and boys.

Add singing to the list of Wonder Woman's superpowers. The sad fact is, if the movie had a man in the center of it, it would just be branded as your typical superhero film. To celebrate Gadot shared a few dance moves on social media while staying in West Hollywood, and even made a decision to sing a little as well, complete with a makeshift water bottle microphone (via The Wrap).

Warriors of Wonder Woman - Witness the creation of the Amazon army as the women of "Wonder Woman" transform emotionally and physically into the world's most powerful and heroic warriors.

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By this question, I mean: Does our faith offer a female role model that, like Wonder Woman, also celebrates the tremendous complexity, power and beauty of women?

This sounds very much like a scene that was shot as a potential post-credits stinger for the movie that Warner Bros. ultimately decided not to include. Let's just all admit even the best movies have their flaws.

It's already known that Digital HD versions of Wonder Woman will be released on August 29, with Blu-ray and DVD releases set for September 19. Each of the three Blu-ray combo packs will include a new, previously unreleased "bonus scene", as well as a digital version of the movie on UltraViolet, which viewers can use to watch the movie on their mobile devices and access bonus features with the Warner Bros. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray releases will include extended scenes, a blooper reel, behind-the-scenes footage, and featurettes about Wonder Woman's history and importance.

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The Wonder Behind the Camera - Meet the women behind the wonder as they welcome a group of aspiring filmmakers on set for an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It seems there's plenty to celebrate then, and you can see the full video below.

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