Google's working on a Search Lite app for spotty networks

Posted August 18, 2017

To save more data, the app gives users the access to cage the search results to lite web pages only and open them inside the app's own browser instead of an external browser.

Google Search Lite app provides an entirely different landing page as compared to the regular search app. "According to commentators, the functionality of 'Search Lite" app will be the same as Google's current cross-platform, 'Search.' The app is now only available on Play Store in Indonesia, according to Android Police. However, it is limited only to those who live in Indonesia and will be released in India among other developing countries.

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According to commentators the main difference between the original app and the lighter version is that the latter uses very little data. The app will be making it faster to search content even in slow networks.

The app is now in the early stages of development. There are certain shortcuts to features as well like news, translation, weather, cricket scores, recipes, movies, songs, among others. But some markets have to deal with slow internet connection.

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This is not the first time the company is working on a lighter version of one of its apps, it has introduced a YouTube Lite app a year ago in India and other emerging markets.

While Google's efforts to make its products more accessible in certain markets is good news for some consumers, such apps would probably be appreciated in territories like North America and Europe too.

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So it will be interesting to see how users and businesses will use it. "This is a new experimental app to help improve the search experience for users in Indonesia", a spokesperson told TechCrunch.