State unemployment lower, oilfield jobs continue decline

Posted August 19, 2017

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Los Angeles County was up slightly at 4.5 percent in July, compared with the 4.4 percent rate in June, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday. Vermont's labor force fell to 343,850 last month-the lowest level since July 2002, when it numbered 343,835.

Workforce Development Commissioner Steven Braun says despite a slight increase over the past month, the unemployment rate is a reflection of the state's constricting labor market. Manufacturing scored the biggest one-month increase of any sector, adding 8,300 jobs.

In July, the USA jobless rate stood at 4.3 percent, down one-tenth of a percentage point from June and down six-tenths of a percentage point from July 2016.

Compared to July 2016, Arkansas' nonfarm payroll employment is up 32,900.

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California payrolls were up 1.7% in July compared with the same month previous year.

The rate in neighboring Riverside County rose to 6.3 percent.

MS payrolls rose to 1.15 million in July.

The unemployment rate rose to 4.

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The state's labor force participation rate - the percentage of people 16 years and older with jobs or looking for work - has steadily declined since February of this year, dropping to 63 percent, the lowest participation rate since May of 1976. Jobs for the year is down by 2,700.

The pickup, however, was more than offset from a seasonal loss of 9,100 positions in local government education.

Overall, employers lost about 7,900 jobs in the past month. Jobs in trade, transportation, and utilities increased 5,400. A year ago, MS had 5.9 percent unemployment.

Leisure and hospitality lost 900 jobs (-0.2 percent) over the month. Professional and business services added 6,700 jobs.

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