Apple working on self-driving employee shuttle

Posted August 25, 2017

This is evidently what will be powering the shuttle, and Apple presumably hopes the software will also find its way into cars designed and built by automotive companies like, well, Mercedes.

This insight into Project Titan confirms much of what Tim Cooke had hinted in an interview earlier this year, where he described how Apple was working more on autonomous systems. The actual shuttle service, dubbed PAIL (Palo Alto to Infinite Loop), will ferry company personnel between Apple's main campus and other offices around the Palo Alto area.

Its current driverless endeavor is named PAIL, which stands for "Palo Alto to Infinite Loop". Despite this, according to the New York Times, Apple didn't change its mind because of everybody else, but instead decided against the vehicle due to an undefined vision and disagreements over fully autonomous versus semi-autonomous.

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Apple's automotive ambitions might finally come to life near its sprawling new headquarters, but we shouldn't expect to see an Apple Car anytime soon.

Titan, started in 2014, includes many Apple veterans working alongside experts in auto building to bring Titan to fruition.

Numerous rumors over the years suggested Apple was developing its own self-driving vehicle.

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"Apple is just trying to play catch up", the source said. Apple has gone from wanting to develop self-driving cards to limiting itself to developing the systems behind autonomous vehicles. That will include a self-driving shuttle for Apple employees, but there's another far more interesting tidbit. Not just a vehicle, but a self-driving auto. It sounds like a great brainstorming session, but the various ideas would become Project Titan's downfall.

Motorised doors, augmented and virtual reality and a CarOS - similar to the bespoke iOS systems in iPhones and iPads - were also in development during the Titan project.

In April, Apple was given permission to test self-driving technology in California, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles' website revealed. In 2015, Apple gave more than 150 shuttle bus drivers a 25 percent increase in hourly wages and improved work conditions.

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