Kushner: "Relationship between Israel and America is stronger than ever"

Posted August 25, 2017

The son-in-law of the United States president is on a seven-country tour of Middle East countries to hold discussions with officials in order to revive the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, which has broken down in 2014.

"I don't understand how they are going to conduct themselves with us, given that within their own nation, the administration is in chaos", the Jerusalem Post newspaper cited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as telling the visiting head of Israel's dovish Meretz party earlier this week.

TRT World spoke to Guy Ziv, Professor of International Affairs in American University in Washington DC.

PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told British Secretary of State for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt, "We convinced the worldwide community that the best way to reach a state is through negotiations".

"I do not think the American envoys are coming carrying anything - nothing at all", he told reporters.

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is part of a delegation that traveled to the Middle East for peace talks, the Trump administration said Tuesday.

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Kushner was meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Wednesday night.

It was not clear whether Kushner offered any clarity during his three-hour meeting with Abbas.

The president acknowledges that "there are likely to be a lot of ups and downs on the way to peace and making a peace deal will take time", but he "remains optimistic that progress toward a deal can be achieved", he said.

Kushner, a 36-year-old real estate developer with little experience of global diplomacy or political negotiation, arrived in Israel with US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt on Wednesday after meeting His Majesty King Abdullah and other Arab leaders in the Gulf and Egypt.

Abbas told a delegation of Israeli lawmakers from the left-wing Meretz party during a meeting in Ramallah earlier in the week, referring to the USA leadership, "I don't even know how they are dealing with us because his entire administration is in chaos".

"But given the very poor prospects of a significant political breakthrough, I'd be surprised it if warrants a major investment by the president". It has to be workable to both sides.

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Palestinian leaders, who were concerned about America's inability to act as an impartial mediator in negotiations under Trump, are still waiting for the White House to openly commit to a two-state solution.

Presidents of both parties have called for a two-state solution to the conflict over several decades. Before the two sat down, Netanyahu said that he believes that peace in the Middle East is achievable.

Signalling their frustration, some Palestinian leaders have spoken of taking a harder line in recent days.

She said the government has also established a new settlement for the first time since 1992 and has retroactively legalised unauthorised settlement outposts despite a commitment not to do so. Said, you want to talk about Israel?

Palestinians walk next to Israeli forces at the entrance of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem al-Quds' Old City on July 25, 2017. But Shapiro also doesn't think Kushner should disengage.

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