Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices: Here's How Much You'll Save

Posted August 29, 2017

Lempert says he expects Amazon will incorporate new technology at Whole Foods, too, such as new delivery options.

Traditionally, Whole Foods (nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" by some) has been known for their high prices and boutique selections.

Business Insider visited a Whole Foods location in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Friday and Monday. Amazon, however, wants to change all that.

The two companies will invest in additional areas over time, including in merchandising and logistics, to enable lower prices for Whole Foods Market customers.

The question remains how Amazon is capable of offering lower prices starting with day one of Whole Foods ownership. It was pretty darn accurate.

With the acquisition, the company will maintain operations under the Whole Foods Market brand, with Whole Foods Market maintainig its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

"We waited until Monday to come shopping", said the 41-year-old, who shops at Whole Foods about once a week for most of her groceries.

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"These are what I consider competitive prices", Adams said.

On average, she said, supermarkets only squeeze about $1 of profit out of every $100 in revenue. "Hopefully they'll get more items". Amazon is an expert in using data on past purchases and browsing to offer suggestions that might make people buy more, and could start applying that in stores as well as online.

Whole Foods already has a reputation for being the best.

"Anytime a $100-billion player comes in, they're in the business of controlling costs", Roster said.

The initial total came to $97.76 but, upon return to the store on Monday, the amount totalled $75.85. And if that happens, textbook economics teaches that those avocados won't stay cheap for long. Some of the steepest price cuts were on meat: Fresh Atlantic salmon dropped by a third from$15 to $10 a pound, and Hass avocados by almost half.

Shoppers at Whole Foods Market at at 21st Street and Pennsylvania Avenue had mixed reactions to Amazon gobbling it up.

The preceding was a press release from the Whole Foods Market Newsroom.

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They will more aggressively highlight special services, like personal shoppers, meal-planning help and offer in-store cooking demonstrations and wine tastings to lure shoppers into stores and away from ordering groceries online.

Whole Foods opened its 32,000-square-foot location at Colonie Center in 2014 on the southwest corner of what was once part of the adjacent Sears store.

The company declined to comment on why they included certain items and for now, are excluding others.

Wilke said that best-selling staples will be the first products chosen for the price drops, including Whole Trade organic bananas; responsibly-farmed salmon and tilapia; organic brown eggs; organic avocados, lettuce and kale; almond butter; animal-welfare-rated 85 percent lean ground beef, and more.

What impact will this have on Whole Foods' dedication to local farmers and suppliers?

"It's the biggest challenge", McQuivey said.

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