Apple shows new Apple TV that supports sharper TV shows and movies

Posted September 13, 2017

That means the new box will deliver the best 3,820x2,160-pixel resolution and - more importantly - the improved color palettes and contrast ratios of high dynamic range (HDR) video when connected to compatible TVs.

The most comforting news for all potential buyers is that Apple are bringing Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV, enabling users to enjoy Amazon Originals in their glorious 4K format, provided you're subscribed to Amazon Prime of course.

The Apple TV 4K with 32 GB of storage will cost $179 and a version with 64 GB of space will go on sale for $199.

The dimensions and physical make up of the Apple TV 4K appear to be unchanged.

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Indeed, Apple claims it is twice as fast, with four times the graphical processing power.

Apple's iPhone X event was a blast as new iPhone models were released, marking them as the top contenders of the market. You'll get a sharper picture, thanks to those additional pixels, but an even bigger benefit is HDR support with newer films, which adds more realistic lighting. A new iteration of Apple's useless TV app was also demonstrated.

But wait, what about improvements to the Siri Remote?

Getting support for 4K makes the Apple TV 4K future proof in a way, at least for several years.

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The 5th-gen lower-tier Apple TV model should be priced at $99, but it won't be.

The Apple TV can now be used to control your HomePod device.

As expected Apple announced availability of 4K and HDR-enabled iTunes videos.

Apple now seems keen on updating all of its various software OSes - macOS, iOS, tvOS - at the same time, and again WWDC in the summer is the event to look out for. You need an enormous screen that supports 4K to appreciate the higher resolution, although I'm sure the Apple TV's interface elements will look much nicer all around in 4K. As it starts to grow those services and gets more Apple devices out there, that can create a virtuous cycle and lock more and more people into the Apple ecosystem.

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