Ikea jumps on iPhone 8 hype with cheeky 'This Charges Everything' campaign

Posted September 23, 2017

It's possible that some consumers are holding out for the iPhone X, while others may have preordered the phone and had it delivered to their doorsteps. Since Apple said its AirPower accessory, which charges 3 devices simultaneously, can do some things current standards don't support, it's not entirely a given that AirPods charging case will support all Qi chargers and not just Apple's accessory. It retails for $329 and up.

If you're considering asking Siri what lamp you should buy, IKEA recommends the $69.99 wireless charging-capable Riggad.

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The Xioami smartphones which have been announced so far does not feature wireless charging support.

Apple joined WPC early this year, and released its first smartphone with wireless charging this month.

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Still, Xiaomi company has not officially confirmed its intention to joining the consortium.

There is no official word from Xiaomi being listed as a member suggests that it is extremely likely that Xiaomi is preparing to launch devices that support the Qi standard. But the Xiaomi company is listed to join on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) member on the WPC website. Are you looking forward to being able to charge it wirelessly?

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The Mi 6 already has a 4-sided curved glass body so it wouldn't be too big of a leap to assume the Mi 7 will also be heavily glass-based. Qualcomm claims that its technology will allow wireless charging for phones that have an all-metal design. It might have been nice to have wireless charging available for the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, adding to the premium nature of the edge-to-edge screened handset.