Kingsman: The Golden Circle: hellaciously violent and a whole pile of fun

Posted September 23, 2017

"I had a six-minute shorter cut of the film and suddenly it felt like a three-hour movie", said Vaughn.

Speaking to guests from the Colombo film and arts scene at the reception, the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris, commented that the film reflects the breadth of talent in Britain's creative industries. It's a strictly okay film, but one tends to expect much better from the likes of director Matthew Vaughn.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle is in theaters Friday, September 22. Luckily, a Doomsday Protocol guides them to a similar organization in the United States called the Statesmen, which also happens to have taken in Eggsy's mentor Harry (Colin Firth) after his supposedly fatal encounter in the previous film. The agent lamented the fact that Eggsy and Merlin did not seem to have any. With individual story arcs and character development more or less accounted for in the first film of a franchise, every sequel faces the all-too-familiar "I thought the first film was better", from a sizeable chunk of its audience.

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That's when the film shifts to Kentucky where we're introduced to The Statesman, which we're told is the American cousin of the London-based private intelligence agency. With no other choice, Eggsy has to head over to the USA and seek help from the Statesman - the American version of Kingsman.

I mainly agreed to see this in the hopes I could use this platform to further objectify Channing Tatum in a manner befitting the persona of "horny and childless cat mother" I've developed in my 30s. Without any reintroduction, Eggsy (Taron Egerton), the British-street-tough-turned-millennial-007, immediately gets roughed up by a somewhat minor character from the first film, Charlie (Edward Holcroft), who had previously appeared to be super dead.

It was seeing the first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, that persuaded Sir Elton to sign up after initially refusing a role in the first instalment. Julianne Moore is playing the big bad here, while other new cast members include Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal. The sequel's 2015 predecessor, "Kingsman: The Secret Service", grossed a $36.2 million opening from its mid-February release, going on to gross $128.2 million domestic and $414 million worldwide against an $81 million budget.

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The 54-year-old actor stars alongside the Academy Award-winning actress in "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" admitted to relish his time on set with Halle.

Continuing to work from a comic book series by Matt Millar and Dave Gibbons, Vaughn edges Eggsy toward a more committed relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Tilde (Hanna Alstrom), a Swedish princess he rescued from peril in the first outing.

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