Intel unveils 8th generation 'Coffee Lake' CPUs for desktop PCs

Posted September 26, 2017

Coffee Lake also requires the new Z370 chipset, which features improved power delivery in order to support processors with more cores. The latest desktop processors are specifically built for gamers, content creators as well as the overclockers for whom premium performance is of utmost importance.

Similarly, the mid-range Core i5 processor now touts six cores instead of four and the Core i7 models have six cores with support for hyper-threading. As regular HEXUS readers will already know, the 8 gen Core range mixes things up in a big way for Intel introducing processors with up to six cores and 12 threads. All this is possible due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology which makes the Core i7-8700K a powerhouse of speed and performance for both single and multithread applications. On Gears of War 4, the company promises up to 195 FPS, which is up to 25% more FPS compared to its most powerful 7th gen processors. The newest edition is 32% faster at video editing compared to previous processors and 65% quicker at editing content.

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Intel officially kicked off its eight-generation of Core chips with the launch of its notebook variants in August, but now it's setting its sights on desktop machines. There's also official support for DDR4-2666MHz memory. Moving down a little we see Core i5 8600K and Core i5 8400, now also with 6 cores but no hyperthreading as you'd normally expect with Core i5s.

According to the chip company, its newest desktop lineup is led by "Intel's best gaming desktop processor ever" - the Core i7-8700K - which has 3.7GHz frequency and is capable of being overclocked to 4.7GHz frequency using Intel's Turbo Boost 2.0. This line ranges from Core i3 to i7, meaning regardless of your budget or needs, there should be a product for you.

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"Our 8thGen Intel Core desktop processors deliver tremendous improvements across the board and - for gamers, in particular- offer an unbeatable experience", stated Anand Srivatsa, general manager of Intel's Desktop Platform Group. Though, it was not mentioned by the Intel executives about the new chips as a part of the family of "Coffee Lake". In addition, some observers have suggested that rival AMD has been struggling to win over gamers with its rival Ryzen chips, which have otherwise helped it take market share from Intel. This major update is thanks to AMD's Ryzen processors which have attracted many with its high core count and low price tags, something Intel quickly needed to respond to. The flagship Core i7-8700K will be available from $359.

Several of the new chips are more expensive than the parts they replace.

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