Instagram's New Features Allows You To Poll Your Friends

Posted October 04, 2017

Now you can add a poll to your Instagram Stories through a sticker. The app got an update Tuesday the details of which Instagram revealed in a blog post.

You'll soon be able to poll all of your friends on social media, all thanks to Instagram's newest interactive feature.

It's all about Stories; the feature has been hitting all the right chords since it was launched by Instagram in 2016.

You Can Now Have Your Instagram Friends Make All Your Life Decisions For You

To add a poll drag and drop a sticker to your Story and then you'll be presented with the tools to customize the question and choices.

Viewers can see poll results unfold in real time and the person who posted the poll can see a breakdown of who voted for which option.

The temporal nature of Instagram Stories (they're only viewable for 24 hours) makes pairing them with polls a smart idea.

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Also rolling out today are two new creative tools. Also added, though for iOS users alone, is an alignment tool that makes it easy to center both text and stickers on your pictures.

These updates have been rolled out today as part of Instagram version 17. A new eyedropper icon can be found on the far left when choosing a color for text or the drawing tool. The eyedropper tool will allow you to take colors to use on text and brushes.

It can be used to select any color from the photo or video and to apply it to the text or drawing tool. iOS users will find that when they position text or a sticker on their photo or video, new blue lines will pop up to help them center it. And when you rotate text or a sticker, new guides will also help you snap your sticker back to horizontal.

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All the latest features are available now on Instagram's iPhone and Android apps.

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