Spanish court bans Catalan parliament from meeting, declaring independence

Posted October 06, 2017

The suspension order further aggravated one of the biggest political crises to hit Spain since the establishment of democracy.

Spain has been rocked by the Catalan vote and the Spanish police response to it, which saw batons and rubber bullets used to prevent people from voting. The regional leader of Catalonia has offered talks with Madrid to resolve the crisis.

"I consider the police intervention to be disproportionate, it was also politically damaging", Brok told Deutschlandfunk radio.

He drew parallels for a potential solution to his own province, which has held two referendums on whether to separate from Canada and the last of which in 1995 was narrowly defeated.

"The EU must and should be this third party in talks".

Barcelona defender and Spanish national team player Gerard Pigue had come under attack after he voted in the referendum.

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"Let's not have what happened in Ireland be reflected in the approach that is going to be taken by the Spanish state".

Spain's bailout fund had an advisor that was looking at different windows of opportunity, he said.

"The utter hypocrisy of this place is disgusting and shameful".

An earlier ruling by the court aimed at stopping Sunday's vote was ignored by Catalonia's leaders. Irish MEP Matt Carthy (Sinn Fein) said: "We are told the European Union stands for peace, democracy and human rights. Where were those values on Sunday?"

The Spanish government argued that the referendum on Catalan independence was illegal because Spain's 1978 constitution makes no provision for a vote on self-determination.

The results announced by the Catalonian government indicated that 90 percent of voters were in favor of independence, but some have noted that this was virtually impossible to confirm as there was no official registry for voters and the counting was carried out in less-than-ideal circumstances.

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By taking a hard stance against pro-independence Catalans, he alienated many in the 7.5-million-strong region in "a very firm and very hard" manner, Romero said.

The Spanish government says the vote was illegal and not valid, and blames Puigdemont for the violence.

Anderson also called for external mediation, condemning the European Commissions deference to the Spanish Government in calling the situation an "internal matter". There was no organized campaign for "No" for the referendum, which Spain's highest court had suspended and was marred by police raids to confiscate ballot boxes that injured hundreds of voters.

President of the Catalan parliament Carme Forcadell (C) attends a meeting with parliament representatives at the Parliament in Barcelona on 4 October 2017.

Another would-be breakaway group, the Movement for the Autonomy of Slask (RAS) which wants autonomy for Poland's Slask region, said that events in Spain were proof of the temptation to use repression to control political dissent.

"I expect the auction results to be weak given the conflict over Catalonia", said DZ Bank strategist Sebastian Fellechner.

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