Apple Looks Into iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Battery Swelling

Posted October 07, 2017

Following this incident, reports from iPhone 8 Plus owners in Toronto, Greece, Hong Kong and Japan began claiming similar issues.

It's been just two weeks since the iPhone 8 hit shelves and made waves for its controversial price tag.

So far the reports appear to be limited related to the number of devices sold.

There are now a total of six reported incidents of the iPhone 8 Plus splitting open.

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Following the recent complaints, Apple has now confirmed that it is investigating the issue, according to TechCrunch.

As far as the incident is concerned, China's state-backed cited that an iPhone buyer surnamed Liu stated that his newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on October 5. "A very small number" of iPhone 6S experienced unexpected shutdowns due to battery issues, Apple acknowledged a year ago.

There was no sign of scorching or an explosion, meaning that the phone was like this before the device was plugged into the wall outlet.

Chris Ogden of Rochester, New York told us that he had used his 256GB silver iPhone 8 Plus for a week when he noticed the device had been swelling so much that it actually split the screen open. The user claimed to be charging the phone using only an official Apple power adapter and Lightning to USB cable.

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It may appear that the problem may not be widespread, but nowadays everyone is pretty attentive to such incidents in the wake of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 situation. Nevertheless, considering Apple's scale, even a minute failure rate will affect quite a few users.

Apple unveiled its latest-gen iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (first impressions) at an event in last month. The most likely resolution is that Apple changes something silently on the supply chain side to stop new devices from being produced with this fault.

Investors are anxious that pre-orders for the device were well below previous launches. This leads us to believe that the phone may burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 past year.

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