Google found evidence of RF interference in United States elections

Posted October 10, 2017

Google did not comment on the matter to the Post, which cited people familiar with the company's investigation.

Facebook shared some of the data from its probe with Twitter and Google, sources previously told Recode. The news about the Instagram ads was released last Friday in a blog post from Facebook's VP of policy and communications Elliot Schrage and was the first notification that Russian-bought ads ran on more than Facebook's signature platform.

The social network recently turned over evidence to Congressional investigators about thousands of alleged Russian-bought ads that were created to throw the presidential election into chaos.

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Twitter has also announced that it deleted over 200 fake Russian accounts and identified Russia Today of buying ads targeted at American users' accounts.

Google operates the largest online business of advertising in the world, and YouTube is the largest video site online in the world. There, approximately 470 accounts tied to known Russian trolls purchased 3,000 ads, totaling about $100,000.

Google's products include YouTube, Gmail, and the company's DoubleClick ad network.

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And on Sunday, The Daily Beast reported that Russia recruited YouTubers to "bash" Hillary Clinton, highlighting a pro-Donald Trump YouTube channel that it says was backed by the Russian government and was previously banned from Facebook and YouTube.

The links were discovered by analysing Twitter data, reports the Post. A source told the paper that the investigation is still ongoing and it is not yet clear whether the ads were all from trolls or whether some were from legitimate accounts.

Google has been called to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on November 1. Google has yet to confirm whether it will also give evidence at the hearing. Facebook was reported last week working with Twitter and Google on these matters.

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Questioned by AFP, a spokesman for Google merely to indicate that the group "had a series of very strict rules in terms of sponsored content, including limits on the targeting of political content sponsored and the prohibition to target content according to the race and the religion". "In this part of our review, we found approximately $50,000 in potentially politically related ad spending on roughly 2,200 ads", Facebook said. Social media companies Facebook and Twitter have already agreed to testify.