Trump lets NRA, GOP take the lead on 'bump stock' restrictions

Posted October 10, 2017

President Donald Trump is actually set to promote his tax plan next week in Harrisburg, not the small Berks County town initially announced as Trump's destination by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Finally, when asked again, Sanders seemed to buck Trump's originally tweet and erred on the side of not endorsing Congress to investigate the American media-a move that could stretch the boundaries of the First Amendment.

While posing with military leaders and their wives at a White House photo op Thursday evening, Trump's remarks were cryptic and, perhaps by design, a little ominous.

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Huckabee Sanders also evaded reporters who noted that 2pm January 20th 2025 would be a couple of hours after a two-term Trump presidency would come to an end and who queried whether that was just a coincidence and wondered whether she wasn't just kicking the can down the road.

Trump's "apology" was similar in character, minimizing what he had done, while turning the entire exercise into an excuse to attack Hillary Clinton, and not apologizing for the million other things he'd said and done. "So, I think we're quickly coming up to speed with what this is".

"As we've said many times before, I know the president has - as I have said from this podium on quite a few occasions - never going to say in advance what the president is going to do", the press secretary noted.

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Pressed on whether or not the public should take Trump's comments seriously, Sanders responded that the American people could take the president's commitment to national security seriously. He's been very clear that that's his number one priority.

Trump's initial comment comes amid questions over whether or not the administration will decertify the Iran nuclear deal, an ongoing crisis surrounding North Korea's nuclear program and questions over whether Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will stay within the administration much longer.

"Look, as the secretary of state said, this is a petty, ridiculous accusation, and frankly, I think it's beneath the secretary of state to weigh in on every rumor out there", Sanders said.

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