Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2017 Begins Today

Posted October 12, 2017

Typically past Overwatch events have all started at the same time and we see no reason Blizzard will deviate from their usual procedure.

There's also a new way to play Overwatch this Halloween as the 2016 Junkenstein Revenge event has returned. As we remember from previous year the Junkenstein PvE mode was set in the area before the castle's gate so the changes made now must mean something.

Overwatch's Halloween event has been announced, along with new spooky skins. Mei's Jiangshi, Symmetra's Dragon, Reaper's Dracula, Zenyatta's Cultist and Mcree's Van Helsing have all been included. Whether this is all of them or more are planned remains to be seen. This spooky season, Halloween Terror has returned to Overwatch, bringing back the Junkenstein's Revenge PvE brawl and last year's seasonal gear along with more than 50 new seasonal items.

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We imagine there will be additional Overwatch Halloween 2017 skins coming to the game when the event fully kicks off, but make sure to keep an eye on this guide, as we'll be updating it with any new information that comes our way before the event kicks off. Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 skins are what we're all keen for though and Blizzard didn't disappoint. There are also new emotes and victory poses for you completionists.

Classic Summer Games skins cost 1,000 credits, instead of the 3,000 credits it usually takes to unlock limited Legendary skins.

What new skins have been released?

So if you've been saving up coins to get the Witch Mercy that we know you didn't get a year ago (trust me, I didn't either), here's your chance to snag it on sale.

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We suspect and assume Blizzard will use a similar structure for their new and returning Halloween skins.

No word yet on how many other characters are getting that Halloween touch, but if it's anything like past year - there will be a lot to be excited about.

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