Amazon's Alexa to Recognize Users' Voices

Posted October 13, 2017

Following the footsteps of rival offering Google Home, Amazon's Alexa smart speaker can now differentiate voices and offer back a personalised response.

Amazon opens a new discount sale for the Alexa powered Echo Show smart device. It has been something which Amazon missed out, but it's now making it up for that with the introduction of voice recognition and additional features in Alexa.

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Amazon began rolling out the feature to U.S. customers on October 11, but as yet there is no timescale on when the feature will land in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Amazon has updated its voice assistant Alexa with a cool new feature that many people who have an Echo device with multiple users have been wanting. Both Google and Amazon have been working to expand the offering of their respective smart speakers. So if you instruct it to call John, it will call your friend, not your roommates.

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This new feature by Amazon is now available for messaging, calling, flash briefing, shopping and enjoying the Unlimited Amazon Music and soon this update will cover all features. To set up a new voice profile, fire up the Alexa app on your phone, head to Settings Your voice and then recite ten phrases. Alexa will recognize their voice without you having to manually switch between profiles, or tell Alexa who you are.

Tap begin, then pick the device you want to teach from the drop-down menu.

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There is one small contrast that draws the line between the digital assistants in smartphones and smart speakers. Once the setup is complete, voice profiles work across other Echo devices and the majority of third-party Alexa-enabled devices. Now you can get the device for just $200 at Amazon.