Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Games Surface In Microsoft Store

Posted October 24, 2017

You can see the full list of Xbox originals by checking out the gallery below. How soon? How's tomorrow...

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The list of games includes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Red Faction 2, King of Fighters: Neowave, BloodRayne 2, and Dead to Rights. As such, Xbox 360 games in the program will be displayed at higher resolutions when played on Xbox One X.

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The newly launched commercial gives an impression into the titles coming up on the console including "Forza Motorsport 7", "Super Lucky's Tale", and "Minecraft". Unfortunately, you still have to purchase them again even if you still have the original discs, but at least you can now play older games on a newer console. The campaign flaunts the Xbox One X's raw power, and it's readiness for "true 4K" content, showing the different forms of media the console will enhance. Developers won't need to go in and touch the game's code. Meaning that any model of Xbox One (X, S, or original), Xbox 360 or Original Xbox could connect together to play these 13 titles across system link. We're excited to continue to deliver on our vision of compatibility by adding Original Xbox games to the existing Backward Compatible library. Online multiplayer, however, is impossible as their respective servers have long since been switched off. Microsoft, on the other hand, made backwards compatibility available with Xbox 360 games in 2015 (via a software emulator), and now they will be doing the same for the OG Xbox. Explore Games on Demand to see all available titles. We expect to release another curated list of Original Xbox classics in Spring 2018, so stayed tuned for more.

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