IPhone users fume over letter 'i' bug

Posted November 07, 2017

I thought that was weird, but then I saw a tweet where someone clearly tried to type "I", and it instead showed the "A" operator and then the question mark character.

The issue appears to impact iPhone users on its most recent mobile software, iOS 11.1.

A QUIRKY bug in Apple's latest operating system has left customers pulling their hair out.

By Monday morning, several people discovered the simple hack to fix the problem until Apple releases an update to fix the bug.

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Open Settings. Navigate to General - Keyboard Text Replacement.

For Phrase, users are told to type an upper-case "I", and for shortcut they type a lower-case "i".

A unusual bug affecting some devices running iOS 11.1 prevents people from typing the letter "i". But if I copy and paste that text, it pastes out correctly, reverting the A and the icon into the capital I.

In our testing, the "i" changes as you're typing in the body of your text or email. In the meantime, Apple has issued a temporary workaround that you can enable in settings. "I think they need to release 11.0.4 sooner than later", said @akoczur_.

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The new software launched last Tuesday and features hundreds of new emoji.

Following those steps will not fix the issue, but will rather create a text replacement for the letter "i". The switch has impacted users on iOS 10 and 11.

Apple is yet to respond to MailOnline's request for comment. For anyone purchasing an $1,000 iPhone X in the next few weeks: You might not be able to type or calculate things, but at least you can open it with your face.

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