Stephen King and Chrissy Teigen Lead the 280 Character Rebellion on Twitter

Posted November 11, 2017

The move signifies a monumental shift as it is the first time the tweet character cap has been raised since Twitter was founded 11 years ago, further highlighting the pressure the company feels to change in order to draw in more users.

After Twitter announced it would eventually be rolling out its new 280-character limit to all users, those who had already been granted the extra space got to filling it with expanded tweets.

Yesterday afternoon, the social media platform opted to allow all users access to 280-character tweets, as the site's co-founder Biz Stone found that - during the beta period of the past two months - those with doubly-long tweets were "more satisfied with Twitter".

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English, on the other hand, does lend itself to crammed tweets with 9% of English tweets hitting the previous 140 character limit.

The company started testing the longer tweet limit with a small group of users in September.

The display name is different from your username. Meant to also allow users more freedom of expression, the change wasn't exactly well-received by most users.

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Twitter itself admitted that those 280 characters weren't exactly always used up even by its beta testers, but it strangely pushed through with it anyway.

"In case you didn't know it yet, you can change the name that people see in your tweets and profile on a whim, while keeping your "@username" constant.

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