How to Get Fast Wireless Charging on iPhone X and iPhone 8

Posted November 15, 2017

You'll need the proper wireless charging pad to take advantage of the faster charging feature.

According to the technology new website RedmondPie, KeenLab has successfully cracked the iPhone X. Liang Chen of KeenLab has demonstrated a functional jailbreak for Apple's latest flagship - iPhone X. The jailbreak was demoed at POC 2017 event in Seoul, South Korea, on an iPhone X that was running the recently released iOS 11.1.1 patch. MacRumors originally reported the news after a tip from accessory maker RAVpower.

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The report claimed that when tested using a Belkin charger (sold separately by Apple), which provides 7.5 W of power, the iPhone X charged from 46 to 66 percent in under 30 minutes. On a non-7.5W charger, the same period of time only saw the phone charge from 46-percent to 60-percent.

Qi chargers can support 15W of wireless charging, but it's not known whether Apple's iPhone lineup can do the same.

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MacRumors' testing suggested a slightly faster charge.

Apple has yet to release its AirPower charging pad; however, there are some third party options that work well with the iPhone. Still, wireless charging is markedly slower than direct charging via USB cable, and even with that boost to 7.5 watts, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will charge more slowly using wireless charging pads compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which supports 9-watt quick-charging with the proper charging pad (though it's still considerably slower than wired charging).

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Since iOS 11.2 is now in beta, available to developers and those enrolled in Apple's public beta, tests on the upgraded charging speeds have already been possible.