SA Rugby Accepts Rugby World Cup 2023 Vote Outcome

Posted November 16, 2017

Ireland has missed out on hosting the Rugby World Cup 2023.

In the unlikely event that the vote is a tie three ways, then South Africa will automatically go to the second round, and World Rugby president Bill Beaumont will have to eliminate either Ireland or France.

The final decision now rests with 26 World Rugby Council members who will collectively exercise 39 votes which among them a simple majority will be required to secure South Africa as the host Country.

SA Rugby forecast another £60 million (R1.13 billion) in profit for World Rugby from hospitality sales and savings on event costs because of the exchange rate.

Some of Ireland's near neighbours are even said to have overlooked the Irish bid as the French swept home.

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"We now look forward to working in partnership with France to deliver what I am sure will be a very successful Rugby World Cup in 2023".

"This is the fourth successive time we have bid for the tournament: this is not a "nice-to-have" for rugby in South Africa - the opportunity to recapture just some of the spirit of 1995 has been an obsession for us".

"Because the vote went to France after we had recommended South Africa doesn't mean it's humiliation (for World Rugby)", he said.

"We did dispute some aspects but I'm not saying that's why we won", he said.

"In 2023 it will be a diverse rugby team and prove to the world what Nelson Mandela said, that rugby is a great unifier".

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Ultimately, Browne believes that the evaluation report had a detrimental effect on Ireland's bid and it was one which they couldn't recover from. Unfortunately, the disappointing thing was that Scotland and Wales didn't support us. Football has been mired in scandal over the staging of its World Cup.

"It's bitterly disappointing and quite surprising".

"We produced a compelling bid document that earned the unanimous recommendation of the Rugby World Cup board".

"However, the view of the experts and World Rugby's leadership was overturned by World Rugby Council members, who may have had other factors to take into account".

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