Access Microsoft Office Through Google Play Store

Posted November 30, 2017

Chrome Unboxed, upon learning of reports that Chromebooks have been able to run Microsoft Office apps, checked all the Chrome OS devices it owns. On the other hand, the Office productivity suite was not available on Chrome OS, which was a deal-breaker for users who were dependent on it.

We give a lot more in-depth advice on buying a Chromebook with a list of the best models to buy, and you can check out Google's site which explains which apps you can use on a Chromebook to replace those you might use on a PC or Mac. If your Chromebook has a display that's 10.1-inches or smaller, you can use these Office apps in all their document-editing glory for free.

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Now the Office Android apps for Chromebook are here, but there are a few caveats we should note.

Since that statement, though, no update has been offered by Microsoft on the state of support for Microsoft Office in Chromebooks.

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Microsoft has been developing an Android Chromebook version of its do-everything Office suite of programs for about a year now. They could even spontaneously disappear on some devices.

It is for the first time that office is available for Chromebook users through Google Play in terms of general release. However, it's worth noting that all the Office apps have worked since the beginning on Google's Pixelbook. Following comments online that Microsoft Office was available on all Chromebooks with Google Play support, Chrome Unboxed has investigated the situation, confirming that it can be installed on a whole bunch of devices. It then delivered on that promise when devices like Samsung's new Chromebook and, more recently, Google's flagship Pixelbook arrived.

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