Google launches new data saving Android app

Posted December 01, 2017

Google's got a new app users can take advantage of to make tracking and managing your data usage on Android devices easier.

Other key features include the Data Saver bubble, which allows users to block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using various apps. While the "Triangle' app was only limited to conserve the mobile data on your phone, Datally meanwhile, also lets you know about a nearby public Wi-Fi and helps you get connected".

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In essence, Datally helps you "understand, control, and save mobile data". How?

The app is now available worldwide and you can download it from the Play Store. According to the company, their tests in the Philippines suggest that users can save up to 30% data.

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Depending on the version of Android you're using Datally does replicate some of the features that are built into Google's mobile operating system. It displays information on mobile data use to you when you run it, and may be used to control the mobile data use of applications, and to find and connect to public wireless networks.

It was the first time in Pakistan's history that Google launched an application at the same time as all the other countries which shows Pakistani market's growing importance for Google, said Tania Aidrus, chief of staff of Next Billion User project. What's also curious is that, at one level, the app says that "Don't worry, we don't inspect your app traffic', and at another, it's meant to track app traffic, and needs a VPN to route usage through".

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To all Android users, Datally might not sound like anything out of the ordinary. The menu should show data usage over the past month. Datally is part of Google's Next Billion Users initiative, a program to penetrate low connectivity regions. Having daily, weekly and monthly stats in front of you is added advantage as it will also give users an idea if they need to switch to a higher data plan. But, they appreciated the idea as they noticed users allowing data consumption by "apps they really like".