Mark Zuckerberg's sister sexually harassed on flight, Alaska Airlines launches investigation

Posted December 03, 2017

In a letter to executives of the Alaska airline, she explained and said that she was extremely uncomfortable with a man sitting near to her, he constantly made sexually explicit and made comments to her.

The letter explicitly said Zuckerberg was going to write about her appalling experience on social media, and it went viral once posted on Facebook.

The flight attendants offered to move Zuckerberg to a middle seat at the back of the plane, but she rejected their offer.

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He also mocked "Millennial women" when talking about recent sexual harassment news reports.

When Zuckerberg complained, the flight crew continued to let the passenger get liquored up on tiny bottles of alcohol, and allegedly told her that he was a frequent traveler and "just doesn't have a filter" and not to "take it personally". She was offered a change of seat but she declined as she felt she shouldn't be the one to move.

Before the plane even departed the gate, a man seated next to her in first class asked her if she fantasised about a female colleague who was travelling with her, and then he provided vulgar commentary about the women who walked by him as they boarded, she said in a Facebook post. But they make light of the situation and replied that the man was a regular flyer on the route. "I am the one that is being harassed!" she said in the letter. "For knowing this behavior and being more concerned with taking his money than for the safety and security of the other passengers around him", she added.

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"We can not support businesses that are complicit in allowing this behavior, and value the money of harassers over the comfort of their passengers", she added.

Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has accused Alaska Airlines staff of "knowingly and willingly providing" a drunk passenger with a platform to continue harassing her and making lewd sexual remarks during a three-hour flight on Wednesday.

In response to Zuckerberg's email, Alaska Airlines tweeted, "What you have shared with us is very disturbing".

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In the recent times, a number of cases of harassment were faced by flight passengers on board but a lot of them are either brushed aside by authorities or dissolve with time.