Google Maps motorcycle mode finds shortcuts for India's bikers

Posted December 07, 2017

Two-wheeler mode offers numerous same features as vehicle and truck navigation through Google Maps. And now a two-wheeler rider too can rely on the same, thanks to the new update by Google Maps. "It is now available in India starting today, with plans to roll out the feature in other countries in the coming months". First of all, you have to choose the new two-wheeler mode if you are riding a bike and searching for a destination in Maps. Google announced the new feature during an event in Delhi; which other countries are slated to get the additional routing option isn't clear, nor when the feature will expand to them. This feature will tell you the fastest, and most efficient route to a destination. For example, Google Maps calculated an estimated 256KM trip would take roughly around forty minutes less time on a two-wheeler as compared to if taken via a big vehicle. The two-wheeler mode shows those "shortcuts" routes that are not accessible to cars and trucks. The feature has rest of the Google Maps feature like traffic situations, lanes, voice navigation etc. Also, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) shown in in this mode is likely to be less than that for vehicle.

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The mode is quite intuitive - according to the screenshots - and informs bikers about all possible road closures along the way. Since Indian roads are dominated by the two-wheelers and there are certain routes which can only accommodate them instead of cars, a feature like this is of great help to the two-wheeler commuters of the county.

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"We don't adapt maps for India". But that's a thing of the past as Google Maps now feature a two-wheeler mode. Now, the search giant is expecting 2x user growth in the country alone on the Google Maps.

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