Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks will resign, sources say

Posted December 08, 2017

Roll Call first reported that Franks was expected to resign.

Republican Rep. Trent Franks from Arizona, according to reports from Roll Call, is expected to resign over allegations of "inappropriate behavior".

Franks has served in Congress since 2003. Notably, Franks neither confirmed nor denied that he was going to resign.

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The exact reason for Franks's resignation is unknown, but the Congressman indicated he would later release a statement explaining his decision.

Franks told RollCall, "We will have a statement a little bit later, but that's all I can tell you right now". The Republican said the congressman had apparently been making plans to run for Senate in 2012, but abruptly canceled those plans.

He's a staunch social conservative who sponsored House-passed legislation to make it a crime for any person to perform an abortion if the age of the fetus is 20 weeks or more.

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Also, Republic columnist Laurie Roberts' take on the breaking news is here. He is now serving his eighth term in the United States Congress.

Franks was seen huddling with fellow Republicans on the floor of the House Thursday, in what appeared to be a prayer circle. The primary election is to be held no less than 80 and no more than 90 days after the vacancy occurs.

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