Google Pulling Youtube From Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show

Posted December 08, 2017

Alphabet's Google pulled support for its YouTube video service from's streaming-media devices, citing the internet retailer's failure to make Amazon Prime Video available through Google's gadgets and the recent halt of the sale of some Nest products on its website. It also comes with support for 4K Ultra HD on the latest Apple TV.

The new app, first announced back in June, is a full endorsement of Apple's platform, supporting 4K HDR video and unique tvOS features like Siri search and TV app aggregation.

There's No Great Reason to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Anymore

Amazon Prime Video app has been released on Apple TV on Wednesday, Dec. 6. In 2015, Amazon famously stopped selling the Apple TV on its website claiming it created customer confusion. From there, you can either watch programs through a Prime subscription ($100 per year for all Prime benefits, or $9 per month for Video only), and buy or rent individual shows and movies à la carte (prices vary). I don't have any inside knowledge of either dispute, but I do have a theory: Whereas Apple and Amazon only compete in a couple of marginal areas, Amazon and Google increasingly threaten one another's core businesses.

The Fire TV loses access to its YouTube app on January 1, Google said. When configured with an Apple TV 4K unit and a 7.1 stereo system, audio is only being fed to one speaker and a subwoofer. As you might know Nest is now a Google subsidiary.

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You can get access to Prime Video if you're a paid Amazon Prime member, buy Prime Video on its own, are now in a 30-day free trial of either Amazon Prime or Prime Video, a Prime Student member or any member of an Amazon Household with shared Prime benefits. In countries that support the app, integration with Apple TV app is also included with an access to Up Next syncing and show recommendations. They say Amazon is not playing fair with Google. This, too, can be synced across all users' Apple devices. Here, the streaming service's content can come up in systemwide searches. They want the content all in one place. Seeing it go will definitely be upsetting for most users, even more so when they realize that it's all because of petty competition between two billion-dollar companies.

Either way, with no headway being made in that domain just yet, Fire TV users who open the YouTube app on their devices are now met with a message informing them that "starting on 1 Jan 2018, YouTube will not be available on this device".

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