Portal Gets Its Own Bridge Building Game

Posted December 08, 2017

The adaptation of the Bridge Constructor physics puzzle series launches December 20 for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Bridge Constructor Portal is also coming to the consoles, but it won't jump through a tear in the fabric of space on those platforms until 2018. The standalone title will see players leveraging the portal technology from Portal's Aperture Laboratories to put a new spin on Bridge Constructor's main mechanic: building bridges to usher vehicles from point to point.

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Bridge Constructor, developed by Headup Games and published by ClockStone Software, has been around since 2013. I honestly couldn't tell you. The entire gimmick of the Portal games revolves around using a portal gun which can shoot out a blue portal and an orange portal. Additionally, GLaDOS singing Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" is.

I'm seriously just beside myself with how excited I am for this game- Particularly considering Valve isn't the kind of company who will just license out IP to anyone who stumbles into their office with an envelope full of cash like many, many popular IP holders who get pitched mobile games.

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Crossing rivers with suspension bridges or steel rebar is folksy and quaint, but those methods are too old fashioned for Aperture Science. That game featured a new slice of story with McLain and other returning stars set after the events of Portal 2 - and which is canon in my head until Valve says otherwise.

Bridge Constructor Portal is expected to come out in two weeks, on the 20th of December, for PC, Android, and iOS.

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No firm release date has been announced.