Locals protest to 'Save the Net'

Posted December 10, 2017

They were part of a national protest against Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to repeal net neutrality.

Net neutrality is when internet service providers treat all data on the internet the same and not charge based on user, website, or content. These net neutrality rules were passed in 2015, and have broad support from groups ranging from civil liberty organizations to internet giants like Google. If one were to take note of the ever-increasing rate at which innovations have been made in social media, smartphone apps, and computing, then how could one say that the very regulations that keep the internet open are a detriment to progress?

The Federal Communications Commission is voting on December 14 to revoke guidelines created to ensure net neutrality, to prevent the throttling and blocking of websites behind paywalls. "We want Mr. LaMalfa to also commit to saying that he will keep net neutrality", said Anderson.

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Opponents of net neutrality noted that its elimination has benefits including giving consumers of the Internet more options, allowing them to pare down their choices and perhaps save money in the process.

"I'm seeing real democracy emerging through the internet", said Michael T. Owen. When asked why he was protesting, he said "to see who else is going to bother showing up".

Protesters are targeting Verizon because Pai is a former lobbyist for the company, which has-along with major internet service providers (ISPs) Comcast and AT&T-invested heavily in pressuring lawmakers to support policies that benefit telecom companies at the expense of consumers.

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Ajit Pai the chairman of the FCC, will have his name infamously etched into the history books, at least what remains of them in this near-Orwellian scenario which may very likely be our future. So, [our protest] is two-fold.

Messages seeking comment were left with Verizon.

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