Motorcycle Mode for Google Maps in India is a Go

Posted December 12, 2017

A transit feature is already present in Google Maps which relies on the public transport system in major cities of the world.

The idea here is simple, guiding you with real-time updates while you are on your transit journey.

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The app will then start to supply live updates whenever the user makes progress on their trip, by bus, train, vehicle or even just by plain walking. Additionally, the app will also be reminding you to get off at your train station or bus stop when you get close to it. When you're about to start a new trip, you enter your destination, and press start, as one usually does when using the app for directions. This feature could prove to be a life saver for those traveling in unfamiliar cities, or for those who just like to doze off in their commute home.

As well as sending you push reminders, they'll also appear on your device's lock screen, which is new for the app. Is this a function you'd like to see in Google Maps? What's more, Google Maps may provide some kind of prompt when you are approaching your destination so you know to get off your bus/train. This will allow commuters to have the peace of mind that their phones will remind them to get off at the right stop, even if they're exhausted or distracted.

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It is very likely that this functionality comes as a direct result of the "Google for India" Initiative and this Google Maps functionality will be coming to other countries very soon. Google Maps recently introduced the motorcycle mode, keeping the large number of people traveling by motorcycles in mind.

The new wait time feature will be supported on almost a million sit-down restaurant listings across the globe and will challenge a number of third-party apps.

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